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Liberty For Everyone

We are a new brand that started in March 2024 and we know that it is important to communicate with the world. On this page, curious people can get a more clear picture and understanding of our stance and values.
Welcome and enjoy our world.

Every Penny counts to reach Liberty for all!

Our Mission: A ripple effect of change

At the heart of Palestine Drinks is a mission deeply rooted in creating meaningful, positive change through social responsibility. Each bottle or can you inquire about, or purchase isn't just a testament to quality and taste but a beacon of hope and support for communities in need. We believe in the power of collective action — how every penny contributed from sales is a step towards empowerment, development, and sustainability for Palestinian communities. Your engagement fuels this mission, turning every penny into a shared commitment to making a difference.


The Vision

Our vision is to establish Palestine Drinks as a leading international brand, representing a good cause, recognized not only for our exceptional products but also for our unwavering commitment to social justice and ethical values. We aim to inspire a global community of conscious consumers and businesses to support and participate in meaningful change. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and a transparent commitment to our values, we strive to expand our impact, supporting not only Palestine but also other communities in need around the world. Palestine Drinks is more than a brand; it's a movement towards a fairer and more compassionate world.


Good cause alternative

Beyond the superior taste and quality, what truly tell us apart is our core values. Moreover, Palestine Drinks operates on the principles of transparency, fairness, and ethical business practices. We ensure that all our products are produced under conditions that respect human rights and dignity, setting a new standard in the beverage industry.


In a market saturated with brands focused solely on profit, Palestine Drinks offers a refreshing narrative: a brand that prioritizes the well-being of communities, and the integrity of its products. By choosing Palestine Drinks, consumers and partners join a community that values quality, sustainability, and the power of business to drive meaningful social impact.


Every penny counts

Your interest in our products is a vital contribution to this cause. With every inquiry and every bottle sold, we are able to funnel more resources into charitable and development projects that directly impact lives. This model of business intertwined with social purpose ensures that as our community of conscious consumers grows, so does our collective impact. We want you to know that your support is not just valued—it's transformative.

Please read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility on our website at


For more information about locations

We will constantly announce the new locations where you can find Palestine Drinks products on our website and social media. Make sure to follow us and keep tell the story and never stop talking about Palestine!

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