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Palestine Drinks unveils mission to spark global change through every sip

Malmö, Sweden 21 March 2024 – Palestine Drinks, an innovative beverage company, today announced its mission to create a wave of positive change across the globe, starting with every can of its flagship product, Palestine Cola. Rooted in a deep commitment to social responsibility, the company is dedicated to supporting Palestinian communities and other global causes through sustainable business practices and ethical production.

A New era of socially responsible beverages

Founded on the principles of quality, taste, and humanitarian support, Palestine Drinks is more than just a beverage company; it's a movement towards a more equitable and compassionate world. Each product sold not only represents the highest standard of quality but also serves as a beacon of hope for communities in need. "Our mission is to use our platform to contribute meaningfully to social causes, ensuring that every penny from our sales supports empowerment, development, and sustainability for generations." said Hussain Hassoun, Founder of Palestine Drinks.

Vision for the future

Palestine Drinks aspires to become a leading international good cause brand, recognized for its exceptional products and unwavering commitment to social justice and ethical practices. The company aims to inspire a global community of conscious consumers and businesses to join in their efforts to support meaningful change. Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, Palestine Drinks seeks to broaden its impact, supporting not only Palestine but also other communities in need worldwide.

An Ethical choice in the beverage market

What sets Palestine Drinks apart is its foundational commitment to social responsibility. Every purchase directly contributes to supporting the development of Palestinians and other humanitarian efforts globally. This makes Palestine Drinks a better alternative for consumers looking for products that align with their values of quality, sustainability, and social impact.

Operating with transparency, fairness, and ethical business practices, Palestine Drinks ensures that all its products are produced under conditions that respect human rights and dignity, setting new standards in the beverage industry. "In a market focused on profit, we offer a refreshing narrative: a brand that prioritizes community well-being and product integrity," Hussein added.

Every penny counts

The support from consumers is crucial to the company's mission. With every inquiry and every bottle sold, more resources are funnelled into charitable and development projects that directly impact lives. This business model, intertwined with a social purpose, ensures that the community of conscious consumers grows alongside the collective impact.

For more information about Palestine Drinks and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit

About Palestine Drinks

Palestine Drinks is a beverage company with a mission to spark global change through social responsibility. With each product sold, Palestine Drinks contributes to supporting Palestinian communities and other humanitarian causes. Founded on the principles of quality, taste, and humanitarian support, Palestine Drinks is more than a brand; it's a movement towards a more equitable and compassionate world.


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