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  • Where are Palestine Drinks made?
    Palestine Drinks is manufactured in Europe by Safad Food AB.
  • Does Safad Food AB have any connection to any other soft drink manufacturer?/Who is behind Safad Food AB?
    Safad Food AB is a completely independent company, with no connection to other soft drink manufacturers. The owners have their origins in Palestine and their current seat in Malmö.
  • Where does the money go?/How does PD support Palestine?
    The whole idea and purpose of Palestine Drinks is that a large part of the surplus should go to Palestinians in need. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, we will engage trusted aid organizations and carefully monitor that the aid actually arrives. Currently, we do careful research so that, once the sale generates a profit, we will know which organization(s) to use.
  • Will there be other flavors?
    Initially, Palestine Drinks is only available in cola flavor, but recipes have been developed and seven (7) additional flavors will be launched shortly: a. Palestine Cola Sugar Free b. Palestine Orange c. Palestine Lemon d. Palestine Energy Drink e. Palestine Ice Tea f. Palestine Ice Coffee, g. Palestine Water
  • Do you come with bigger bottles?
    In the beginning, Palestine Drinks will come in 33-centiliter cans, but as soon as we start selling, we will also launch 1.5-liter bottles.
  • Where to buy Palestine Drinks?
    Most wholesalers in Sweden will have Palestine Drinks in their range. The stores order from them. Are you missing Palestine Drinks in your store? Then advise them to go to our website.
  • Can I buy Palestine Drinks?
    Safad Food will only sell Palestine Drinks to businesses. Apply on our website. . Are you a private person and missing Palestine Drinks in your store? Then advise them to go to our website.
  • What does the tree on the jar represent?
    Palestine has been known for its olive groves since ancient times. The tree on Palestine Drinks represents an olive tree, which has a strong symbolic value for Palestine.
  • What does the pattern at the bottom of the jar represent?
    The pattern at the bottom of the Palestine Drinks can is a Keffiyeh which is perhaps the strongest symbol of Palestine. The net represents a fishing net; for Palestine, the fishing industry has always been important. The knots symbolize olive leaves because olive cultivation has been at least as important a source of income in Palestine's history.
  • What do you mean by Liberty for Everyone?
    A consistent text on Palestine Drinks cans, regardless of flavor, is 'Liberty for Everyone'. We want to demonstrate that freedom is a human right, and that all people, regardless of ethnicity and religion, have the right to freedom. Freedom for all, quite simply.
  • Is PD available in other countries?
    Palestine Drinks will initially be launched in Sweden. Our goal is for Palestine Drinks to eventually be available in all countries where people support our message of Liberty for Everyone and where anti-Palestinism is frowned upon. Thus, our goal is for our drinks to be available in all countries of the world. We have already started sales in some other countries.
  • How to apply for an account with Palestine Drinks?
    Do you want to become a distributor for Palestine Drinks? Then follow this link:
  • How do I get in touch with you?
    Do you want to get in touch with Safad Food AB and Palestine Drinks? You do this via our website.
  • Is PD mortgage-marked?
    In Sweden, Palestine Drinks is pledged in accordance with current regulations. When the drink is launched in other countries, we will of course follow the respective country's rules.
  • Why did you start Palestine Drinks?
    The reason why we created Palestine Drinks is a restaurant visit where we absolutely did not want to buy any anti-Palestinian drink. Then there was only one meal drink option to choose from. The very fact that we were faced with these options: Anti-Palestinianism or a drink we didn't want, made the thoughts of creating an alternative drink begin to form. When we then read the bottle and were forced to realize that the same anti-Palestinian company is also behind this drink, we realized that we had been deceived and that we had to act.
  • Why do you use Palestine in your product name?
    The company's founder is from Palestine. Palestine must not be forgotten. The situation the country is in and the inhumane treatment Palestine and its citizens are subjected to means that we absolutely must react.
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